How to Refresh Your Home This Summer

Thinking of redecorating your home this summer? These ideas will give your home a whole new look!
When you are getting a bit tired of the way that your home looks, it can be tempting to start a full overhaul project of your décor. This can be extremely expensive and time-consuming and by the time you’re done, you’ll probably want to start again. The best way to get around this is to choose things to refresh rather than completely redecorate. Here, we are going to take you through some of the ways that you can refresh your home this summer so keep reading to learn more.

Spend Time in Your Garden
You may be prone to investing in new furniture or redecorating your living room, but do you ever think about your garden? Changing up your garden can be a really effective way of refreshing your home without having to do too much work. If you wanted, you could add a new shed, or you could even start growing your own vegetables. Don’t overthink it and get a landscaper in, you just need to think about the small changes that you could make that can totally transform how it looks. Play around with DIY ideas and you’ll have a refreshed garden in no time.

Invest in Some Paint
Just because you can’t afford to redecorate your whole house doesn’t mean that you can’t update the paint. It is likely that your paint in your living room or hallway has started to fade or peel off and it might be time to give it a fresh coat. If you really want to make a difference you could always change the colour of the walls but for a quick fix to refresh how it looks, you just need to paint another coat. This will actually make a huge difference and you’ll be surprised by how much your walls just needed a little attention.

Bin Your Ready-Made Curtains
Curtains are great for adding an extra layer of privacy to your home and if you choose the right ones then you can add a lot to your home. Unfortunately, curtains are often chosen that do not fit the windows properly and the bottoms of them get very dirty because of the length. This is why you should bin your currents and invest in some made to measure curtains. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference curtains that actually fit your windows can make and you’ll love that they won’t be trailing on the floor catching dust. Choose a bright colour of curtains and your home will be refreshed in no time.

Rearrange Your Living Room
Looking to refresh your home without spending too much money? Why not move your furniture about and see if you can come up with a better layout? If you have a big enough space, it is likely that you will be able to really make a difference with this and it might even look like a totally different room. Play about with this until you find the right layout but don’t revert back to the old one if you really want to refresh your home this summer.

Give It A Clean
Of course, you clean your home all the time but if you really want to make it feel really fresh, give it a deep clean. This means cleaning the things that you never even think about like the tops of your door frames, under your bed and the very back of your kitchen cupboards. If you really want to refresh your home, you could even do a clear out and donate a lot of your things to charity. It can become very easy to hoard and you need to try and get rid of the clutter if you want to refresh your home. Get your whole family involved and make this into a project to get the job done faster.

Final Thoughts
Refreshing your home doesn’t need to be difficult as there are so many different ways that you can do this. You don’t need to spend thousands of pounds on new furniture or move your entire family out so that you can renovate. Take yourself to the local DIY shop and grab some paint. You’ll love how you can make your rooms look amazing by simply adding an extra coat of paint to the walls that you haven’t touched in the last five years.

You should also make sure that you give your home a deep clean if you want to make it a lot fresher. You’ll feel a huge relief when you get rid of those things that you have been hoarding and you’ll love how your home looks and feels. Don’t be afraid to replace things like curtains with made-to-measure ones that will really make a difference in the end.

– How to Refresh Your Home This Summer

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